Honeycomb - Raw Honey

  • Improvement of general well-being
  • 100% pure Australian honeycomb
  • Helps preserve all its beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • All Australian source, made & owned
  • Use “Raw” unrefined honey without heat or chemical process
  • Third party laboratory test for pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria

For the best in 100% pure Australian honeycomb, look no further than HoneyLife: free from any chemical processing or heat treatment, our honeycomb is raw and unrefined – this helps preserve all its beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As the finest form of honey, our varied selection of 100% pure honeycomb is still kept sealed in wax by the bees that produced it – its nectar was gathered in Australian forests, fields, and plains to ensure no harmful pesticides were used. HoneyLife’s honeycomb is totally unprocessed: this means you get to enjoy the healthiest honey, without any hidden additives or nasty preservatives.

Honeylife Honeycomb 

A "Raw" or unrefined honey without any heat treatment or chemical process which preserve all the beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

The healthiest honey is honey straight from the honeycomb, and it is harvested for many health benefits. Called the "nectar of the gods" by the ancient Greeks, honey is enjoyed by many today, not only for its health claims, but also for its sweet taste. Honeycomb is the purest kind of honey, still sealed in the wax by the bees themselves, totally raw and never touched by human hands.

Straight from the hive, Honeylife Honeycomb contains all the vitamins and minerals found in honey. No additives or preservatives in this honeycomb. Produced by Australian bees from nectar gathered in pesticide-free Australian fields and forests. Take a spoon, dig in and enjoy this 100% pure unprocessed Australian honey.

  • Ingredients: 100% Australian Honeycomb
  • Packing size: 350g/400g/500g
  • Products of Australia



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