Glimlife Awarded the Premier's NSW Export Awards

Since 2006, Glimlife Health Group has received numerous international awards for its outstanding achievements in business leadership and product development. Recently, Glimlife was carefully selected by the distinguished jury panel of the Export Council of Australia (ECA) as the winner of ‘The Premier's NSW Export Awards’    Read More>>


Honeylife Australia’s bee products are 100% Australian and highly prized for its superior quality throughout the world. Australia’s wide open spaces, its clean natural environment and summer weather offer perfect conditions for the production of bee honey nectar. HoneyLife is the world leader in Australian Healthy bee products and we pride ourselves on upholding this reputation. All of our products meet or exceed the following standards:

  • 100% Australian Premium quality
  • University laboratory testing for MGO value
  • All Australian sourced, made & owned
  • Raw unrefined honey without heat or chemical
Our Products

Our safety standards and level of quality of our Australian Bee products is second to none. Australian beekeepers adhere to strict Australian federal and international standards. The industry within Australia not only meets ISO (international) standards for honey production, it exceeds them. Australians and New Zealanders take great pride in the safety precautions taken to obtain their honey and Honeylife work hard to maintain this standard. They also hold high standards of quality for their honey/bee products and it is for this reason that so many households are choosing Honeylife’s Manuka, Propolis, Bee pollen and Honeycomb.

Although a delicious jar of Manuka Honey is fantastic on your morning toast – our bee and honey products have a wide range of usages far beyond your morning breakfast. Below is just some of the ailments that our product range can assist with:

  • General Ailments – sore throat,
  • Beauty Care and treatment
  • IBS and IBM symptoms
  • Assistance with gastric reflux
  • Aids acne and eczema

The Honeylife product range includes:

  • Australia Manuka honey
  • Australian Bee Pollen
  • Australian Propolis
  • Australian Honeycomb
  • Gourmet Honey – ginger, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and more
  • Royal Jelly Bee products
  • Propolis royal jelly bee pollen

You’ll also love our Specialty Honey & Bee Products from Australia:

  • Honey Propolis beauty products
  • Medicinal bee & honey products
  • Propolis Honey candy candies
  • Propolis liquid capsule
  • Gourmet Honey gift packs

So, whether you are looking for pure honey, gourmet honey, honey for kids, Manuka honey, honey gift packs, honeycomb, propolis or royal jelly honey, honey candy, bee pollen, Manuka face masks and many more Manuka cosmetic products then Honeylife has everything you need. Browse our product range today.

Feature Product

Honeylife Manuka Honey

Award & High quality control:

• Made in Australian with GMP code.
• Register with Australia Register Therapeutic Goods (TGA).
• Third party laboratory test for pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria.
• $10,000,000 World-wide product liability insurance.
• Member of Australian Honey Bee Industry Council.
• Australia NSW Export Award

2012 Premier's NSW Export Awards Finalist

TGA Certificates 

2011  Premier's  NSW Export Awards Finalist

Australia Made Cert